Visual journal collage fodder hack #1

Part 1 Intro; Scanning journal pages to expand use of your own artwork. I do this quite regularly.  Sometimes I’m feeling reflective, strategic, analytical, or creative in my visual journal and by scanning a document I can refer back to it and reuse it.  It is also a way of emptying my mind or toContinue reading “Visual journal collage fodder hack #1”

The Bullet Journal Method book review

The Bullet Journal Method: A Book Review The Physical Book This is a hardback book was published by Penguin and features a black and gold cover design by the author, Ryder Carroll. Carroll created the Bullet Journal method. The book is 5.6” x 1 x 8.2”. For comparison, a Kindle Paperwhite is 6.7” X 5.4”.Continue reading “The Bullet Journal Method book review”