Visual journal collage fodder hack #1

Part 1

Intro; Scanning journal pages to expand use of your own artwork.

I do this quite regularly.  Sometimes I’m feeling reflective, strategic, analytical, or creative in my visual journal and by scanning a document I can refer back to it and reuse it.  It is also a way of emptying my mind or to organize an idea.

visual journal scans

Sometimes what shows up on the pages of my visual journal is the seed of an idea that I will turn into a project.  I like to capture just that element or part of the journal page.

visual journal scans 2

Sometimes I really just like a part of the journal page and to replicate the technique or use it again.  I scan it to capture only that section to help me remember to try the technique again later.

visual journal scan 3

I use JotNotPro – –  nearly everyday to capture these instances.  There are many scanning apps for smart phones but JotNot Pro has been around a long time and it is the first scanning app I ever downloaded back in the day.  This app has some features that give me instant variability on my scans.

visual journal scans 4

There are 7 ways to filter your scans: as a document, a photo, in B&W, as a whiteboard, a blackboard (my favorite), no enhancement, or color.  In this video I’ll show you how I use JotNotPro to make stickers and journal page elements out of my own artwork.  Check it out!

Use scanner app tutorial


There are other ways to achieve similar results using photo editing software but this method offers instant gratification because I can print and cut scans to embellish new visual journal pages.  If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe!  Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more videos like this.  Thanks for watching!


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